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We now offer a complement of new private label products based on our own AccuTools™ products and technologies. Marketing arrangements for these products can be agreed upon to maximize both customer as well as our needs.

Generally our private product labels fall into one of the categories outlined below and we will work with you to design an arrangement that will meet your cost and time to market targets.

Private Label one of our existing products - This entails changing only the product color, labels, instruction etc.

This generally applies to customers who want to expand their product line but do not want to invest in product development. Under this arrangement, Core pays for the product development & tooling and retains full rights to the product.

Private Label products using our existing technology – This involves changing the product look (shape, color, feature etc.) but maintaining our basic technology and designs.

This is for customers who want a unique looking product but do not have the time or resources to invest in new technologies. Under this arrangement, Core pays for the product development and maintains full rights to the product technology. The customer generally pays for the hard tooling costs (molds, dies, castings etc.) and retains the right to these tools.